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Nurse, Mum, and Skincare Enthusiast


BSc Nursing (University of Abertay, Dundee)

Non-Medical Prescribing (University of Highlands and Islands)

Post-Graduate Certificate Public Health (University of Stirling)

Cosmetic Dermatology (Harley Academy, London)

Skin Rejuvenation (Inspired Cosmetics, Glasgow)

Automated Microneedling (IvanMed, Edinburgh)

Chemical Exfoliants and Professional Skincare (Medico Beauty)

Dermal Fillers (Hourglass Aesthetics, Aberdeen)

ZO Skin Health (Wigmore Medical, London)


Employed by NHS Scotland for over 18 years, my nursing experience came from working in a variety of settings including acute medicine, surgery, outpatient departments and the community. 


My interest in skincare came from years of searching for safe, clean, science backed skincare to address my own struggles with acne, scarring and pigmentation. 


Rejuvenation became my passion; by creating controlled injury, the body initiates its own repair mechanisms to turnover skin, increase collagen and elastin, and normalise skin function. The result; visible and longer-lasting improvement in skin tone, texture and health, with few side effects and at more affordable costs than surgery.


Training in a variety of treatments in a number of academies across the UK, registration with Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS) thereafter permitted me to provide a mobile medical aesthetics service to patients within Angus and Tayside.

Why not have a look through the treatment pages and see if my passion for skincare can help you with your own skincare goals?!


Looking forward to meeting you,



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